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Web Design Basics - Coding Concepts Tutorial

Web Design Basics
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This course's development has been put on hold.

Web Design Basics: HTML and CSS Code covers the basics of web coding for someone with no experience whatsoever. This second, new course, Web Design Basics: Coding Concepts Tutorial builds on the skills from the lessons of the first Web Design Basics course to bring you up to speed on coding and design concepts that'll allow you to jump into more advanced apps, books, and online tutorials.

The Coding Concepts Tutorial bridges the gap between basic HTML and CSS coding, and more advanced coding concepts with HTML5 and CSS3. Both those topics, HTML5 and CSS3, can be covered in books nearly a thousand pages long, so my course assists you in understanding the concepts that would make those books much less frustrating to understand.

This new course allows provides you with advice from a webmaster whose site received nearly fifty million visits. It also explores some basic concepts in regards to how web sites relate to social media marketing like Facebook and Twitter. In addition, you'll learn some concepts about developing for mobile in additional to traditional full site (desktop/laptop design). You'll also learn some basic UX (user experience) concepts.