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App Wing of the former Property (1996-2011) served tens of million people between its topics of teaching and humor. We stopped counting because it was fun the whole journey.

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And yep, the geek joke was in DOS, .com started an app. So was starting the "davesite" app! (It also fit the eight characters I had available in Windows 3.11.)

In 1997, peeked into app development with the purchase of the development kit for the PalmPilot Pro 1MB.

The beep and 160x160 pixels of the PalmPilot Pro wasn't much to make a truly immersive app.

In 2003, Sidekick didn't take off, which made the app process delayed more.

Year 2006 was the best, but a change was needed. This is covered in Teaching with Typos: Tidbits on Me: With Bonus Book Stellethee3.

And so on. Not interested in a TED Talk here.

A lot of independent developers in the 90s ran into snags because we weren't all interconnected. The first Stellethee Group ARG (alternate reality game) Prevent The Trace is an open discussion about how the tech society is here to help those with dreams even if they don't code.

Fiction Copyright © 1993-1996. Mixed reality Copyright © 2006-2024. Ten missing years are for diner talks with coffee and home fries.

You probably got here because you started playing Prevent The Trace, or clicked a copyright link. Now you know more.

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Oh, and Welcome to The Stellethee University!