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Reflections on The Cancer Game Video Game (page 2 of 3)

When I applied for the grant to make the game, I didn't realize my project would fall into such a hard to spell and hard to remember cross-discipline. Macromedia, the original makers of the Flash website software used by millions of people around the world every day, wanted to provide the software to make the original Cancer Game from a three or four paragraph e-mail please I sent to their contact us area of their web site.

Macromedia (now part of Adobe) responded with, "Please provide your address, your t-shirt size, and just send us a copy when you're done." A large part of the success I felt was that a major company believed that the game had potential. I think they were absolutely correct. I just believe the timing was too soon.

I had conceived of an immersive handheld game in early 1998 when I was stuck in isolation for the treatment of my own cancer. I was sixteen years old and still had the ability to dream. The Cancer Game was an interpretation in 2003 of the visualizations I did during my actual treatment for cancer years earlier. The visualizations I did on my own, without assistance from a handheld game, definitely made the suffering of cancer treatment more tolerable. That said, I believe a cancer patient has enough to worry about, if we can assist in the visualizations from a handheld, which could easily be sanitized to prevent germs and infections, versus a hospital patient shared laptop, we might have a hit. It wasn't worth bringing in the technology when the germs it carried would most definitely have potential to do much more harm than good.

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